Enhanced Learning Program

The Enhanced Learning Program is designed within the framework of a holistic and student-centered philosophy of education. Our mission is to empower young people in conflict with the justice system to improve their lives and reduce recidivism. Youth who are referred to the program have had few successes in mainstream high school, and thus require a different approach for the continued pursuit of education. The teacher and education youth counsellor work directly with each youth to determine where their strengths and needs lie and develop an individualized education plan together that focuses on academics as well as other areas of life that are determined as core issues. These other areas may include financial literacy, employment support, future goal setting, mental & physical well-being, recreation, spirituality, critical literacy, daily living skills, and/or community connection, and may involve collaboration with other local agencies.

Each education plan is individually tailored and relevant to the particular student, in order to ensure commitment to and engagement in the Enhanced Learning Program. To achieve positive outcomes, staff facilitate structured programs with a flexible, personalized approach, catering to different learning styles and abilities. They strive to use authority effectively, by embodying the spirit of motivational interviewing, modelling and reinforcing behaviour, and teaching problem-solving skills.

New! Virtual Youth Court Support

Due to the ongoing global pandemic many businesses are now open, but some remain closed and are operating virtually—this is the case for youth who are scheduled to appear before the Court.

Youth Court now takes place over Zoom, either by phone or by video chat—every second Monday. Having worked with youth during the COVID-19 shutdown, DYSS recognized the gap between our youth and access to or understanding of technology. The program to open to ALL youth who must appear before the Court a space with a support person, a phone or computer to connect with the Court over Zoom. The support person is also able to help with date tracking and reminders. 

What we offer:

→A safe space to appear in virtual youth court
→Computer and a staff member to help use Zoom
→Help with tracking your court dates and any other information you might need
→Close to Downtown

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