Brief History

Dalhousie Youth Support Services is a non-profit organization located in Peterborough, Ontario, operating under the supervision of a Board of Directors made up of members of the community.

In January 2004, Dalhousie Youth Support Services launched the Attendance Center program. The Attendance Center program was developed with the passing of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) as an alternative sentence to custody for non-dangerous offenders. The organization has grown and now offers 4 core programs to youth in the City of Peterborough and surrounding communities: The Attendance Center, Reintegration & Community Support, Extra-Judicial Measures, and Extra-Judicial Sanctions.


At Dalhousie Youth Support Services, staff work with young persons individually in order to provide programming tailored to address specific needs. Our programs are based on current best practices, gender specific, and evidenced-based. We offer highly structured programs for cognitive skills, anger management, life skills, substance abuse, school, employment, and job search skills.

Programs promote family involvement, address underlying issues of offending behaviour, and focus on motivating youth towards change. We also meet the nutritional and personal hygiene needs of youth, assist with transportation, obtaining identification and financial assistance.

Mission Statement

Dalhousie Youth Support Services is a non-profit organization committed to helping youth in conflict with the law in the Peterborough area. Our innovative programs promote and develop positive social behaviours and encourage personal and academic growth.

Vision Statement

Inspire youth to make better choices and reach their full potential.

Value Statement(s)

  1. We believe staff are vital to achieving our mission and vision.
  2. We believe that family and youth supports are critical partners in facilitating youth success.
  3. We value diversity and providing service in a safe judgement free environment.
  4. We value youth and their potential contribution to society.
  5. We believe in working collaboratively with all stakeholders.
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