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Dalhousie Youth Support Services is a non-profit organization committed to helping youth in conflict with the law in the Peterborough area. Our innovative programs promote and develop positive social behaviours and encourage personal and academic growth.

Dalhousie Youth Support Services is committed inspiring youth to make better choices and reach their full potential.


Returning Soon!


Open Blue Door is a drop-in day program available to all youth in the community who are currently involved with the youth criminal justice system.

Returning this fall, Open Blue Door will be open two days per week, offering informal workshops and activities to assist in development of skills and increased engagement with community resources.

Our aim is that Open Blue Door will meet the needs of youth involved with the youth criminal justice system in the Peterborough area by acting as a safe, warm space for youth to learn, participate in engaging programming and access resources such as meals, food items, and laundry and shower services during daytime hours.

Youth can self-refer by stopping by DYSS at any time or calling or they may be referred by any community agency. Referrals forms will be provided to local agencies prior to the launch of the program.


Dalhousie Youth Support Services is a non-profit agency that seeks to provide a nurturing safe environment for youth having been in conflict with the criminal justice system. Our structured programs will provide youth with the opportunity to develop and enhance skills in the areas of personal growth, academics, and setting life goals.  Dalhousie Youth Support Services is committed to helping youth make better choices. We provide guidance and support in a number of program areas.

We are currently looking for volunteers to facilitate workshops, activities and sessions for a new drop-in program. The goal is to have youth learn new skills, try fun activities and participate in useful and informative workshops.  We are looking for people with knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Workshop Title Description of Workshop
Expressing Yourself through the Arts – artistic and creative activities such as visual art & painting, music, drama, creative writing, photography & crafts- providing youth with examples of activities they can use to effectively and productively fill their leisure time- information on where these activities can be continued in the community (for low or no cost)
Mind, Body & Soul -physical and wellness activities such as exercise & stretching, yoga, mindfulness, and the like-provide youth with activities to assist in managing emotions, build coping strategies and reduce stress
What’s In Your Wallet? …Room for More? -Financial literacy, money-saving & budgeting activities-Employment-related exercises
Cook Once-Eat Twice -activities that equip youth with the skills to plan a weekly menu, price match & use coupons, shop for nutritious foods on a budget-planning meals, preparing, cooking and eating dishes and taking leftovers home
Playing It Safe – information on safe sex (contraceptive use, STI prevention, treatment & information)- general illness (Cold/Flu) prevention & treatment- opportunity to meet with/hear from Public Health Nurse
Taking Care of Business information on personal hygiene skills such as showering, handwashing, brushing teeth- provide an opportunity for youth to learn  and practice laundry and cleaning essentials- provide youth with tips for living on their own safely and productively, and build confidence in their independence
#Let’sGetSocial – exercises that allow youth to practice creating a safe and appropriate online presence- online and social media activities that youth can use during leisure time such as blogging, website and graphic design
 The Effective “Comeback” – role-playing and interactive activities where youth can practice responding to social situations such as peer pressure, persuasion, asking for help, expressing a complaint, & responding to failure- provide youth with the opportunity to feel empowered by leaning to advocate for themselves-learning to use skills that create success in social situations

Potential volunteers will need to complete a vulnerable sector criminal record check. DYSS will cover the cost.

Please email info@dyss.ca, or call 705 749 5705 with any questions or for more information.

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